Friday, May 23, 2003

Life Metaphors

Anthony Robbins, the motivation guru teaches that the metaphors we choose to view life determines the quality of our lives. For instance, you often hear people say things like "life is a bitch" or "it's a dog-eat-dog world out there" or it's a "rat race". One can imagine the kind of attitude a person brings to his everyday life if he chooses to see his or her world in those terms. Your world immediately becomes a cruel Darwinian struggle for survival where everyone cares for themselves, leaving no room for compassion or charity.

There are people who see life as a "game" or an "adventure". Immediately your world is filled with possibilities and excitement. Sure, you could lose a game or get yourself injured in an outdoor adventure, but when you view your life with such metaphors, you begin to take these things as expected minor setbacks towards your goal. You don't give up tennis just because you lose one match. You learn from defeats and strive to improve your game. And because you are "adventurous" you are always open to new things and new experiences. The cuts and bruises you get along the way are part and parcel of that hiking trip up Mount Kinabalu. Hey, they could even be something that you boast about to your friends.

We should always reexamine the metaphors we unconsciously adopt. They limit or expand the possibilities in our lives. Metamorphosize your life with the right metaphors!

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