Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Tired of boy bands, pop princesses and the stupid ketchup dance, I've been searching for a while for a good contemporary artist to listen to. And out of the blue came Norah Jones. This 22-year old lady swept the recent Grammy awards with 8 wins, including the pretigious album of the year.

Norah does have the looks and body of another bellybutton pop princess, but surprisingly that is not her main asset and selling point. "Come Away With Me", her debut album contains deceptively simple songs that blend different genres such as jazz, blues and folk together into something utter fresh and new. Her balmy and silky voice caresses throughout the entire album, supported by bare instrumentation - mostly a quiet bass and piano.

Norah has got me addicted to her music already. At last I find something which I can play every evening after escaping from the maddening Jakarta traffic. One is immediately shrouded by the soothing magic of her enchanted voice. I look forward to following the career of this very talented lady. Hats off to Norah Jones!

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