Monday, April 07, 2003

The 4-0 defeat by Liverpool to Manchester United was a very difficult one to swallow. It all went downhill with the sent-off of Sammy Hyppia sent off after 5 minutes. The Liverpool team was then in complete disarray. Already weaken by an injured Michael Owens on the bench, Liverpool had to sacrifice striker Milan Baros to put in Igor Biscan to fill in the defensive gaps at the back.

Liverpool's performance has been lack-lustre since November last year. With key players like Owens, Henchoz and Hyppia missing, Liverpool could not mount a serious challenge to Manchester United's on-slaught.

I admire Liverpool's system of play. But I must agree with the critics that they have been playing negatively for many of their matches. They had a good 25 minute spell against Leeds and then fell back into their negative mode. It is almost a disease they can't rid themselves of.

I wonder what Houllier has up his sleeves to win the remaining six matches to gain at least 4th-placing to qualify for the Champion's League. Whatever it is, I will still be rooting for them.

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