Friday, May 02, 2008

A Ripple Arises in the Mind

What could be more sorry-looking than a blog that has not been updated for more than 8 months? Of course I have the usual excuses - work, work and more work. What an unbalanced life I lead now!

But never mind all that. It certainly feels good to be typing these words again. Since my last entry, so much has happened in Malaysia. And yes, I'm still marooned here in KL. And no, I'm not going to blog about politics, even though it is the fashionable thing for people to do these days.

It is easy to rant and rantings make interesting reading. But that is not the intention of this blog. I'll remain true to my original goal (if ever there was one): which is to explore and examine my innermost thoughts. Blogging to me is an act of meditation.

I've said it before, my blog is my "Buku Latihan"--an exercise book for me to "conteng-conteng". The act of writing sets into motion certain forces in the mind. The moment I type a word, an act of creation happens. A mental Big Bang that triggers a serious of action and reaction.

How powerful is the mind! The more one meditates, the more one is aware of its unexplored depths. This entry is just one ripple in the citta of the mind. There'll be more to come...

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