Monday, January 01, 2007

Passing By

Including the notebook which I'm using to type this blog entry, there are four computers in my bedroom. At least two of them are servers. By the end of next year, I hope the number reduces drastically. It's not healthy to share a room with so many computers. Computers belong to the data center. Bedrooms are for sleep and meditation (or sex, depending on your lifestyle).

The older I get, the more I long for a simpler life. A life without cars, computers and credit cards. Technically, I don't own a car and I certainly don't intend to buy one too in the future. Credit cards, I have too many of them. Why am I still keeping my Singaporean one? And the Indonesian one? That's definitely another 'C' that I want to reduce. Certainly doable.

Career? I don't have one. What I'm doing now in the IT industry, I don't really consider it a career. It's just the best way to work out my remaining IT karma. At some point, it will be exhausted, and I will get to move on to the next phase. I'm very conscious of the karmic effects of all my actions. Maybe karma should be spelt with a 'C'. That way, I can just focus on getting rid of all the 'C's in my life.

Condominium? OK, I admit, that's one 'C' that I cannot get rid of yet. Even though at present I'm not living in my condo, I need the place to store all my junk--books mainly. Someday, I'll have to get rid of them too, by giving them away. Only then will I be free. To be free from everything, including books.

Then what's there to live for?

Well, that's the whole point of life. To live is to experience and let go. Only then can one be truly free. Live life to the fullest; let go without regret. We are all just passing by. Smell the flowers along the way, but down pluck them.

Goodbye 2006, hello 2007!

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