Friday, April 15, 2005

The Natural Frequency of the Soul

The Natural Frequency of the Soul

One whole week for me in Malaysia to get my life back in order again. As usual, there are bills to pay, accounts to update, invoices to send and payments to chase. And I haven't filed my income tax in Malaysia for some time because I've been working overseas. This year I'm getting my accountant to do it for me. My rule-of-thumb now is to outsource whenever I can.

Some of my friends are lucky enough to have very capable wives who can take care of all these nitty-gritty things. The only problem is that once they delegate these tasks to their spouses, they have to be completely transparent about all their transactions. The approval of the "CFO" will be required before any major financial decisions can be made. I know some men even resort to stashing a portion of their income in secret bank accounts (often overseas) to finance their "clandestine" activities.

Being a bachelor has its obvious advantages. You only have to be accountable to yourself. Such freedom and independence can be very difficult to give up once you get used to it. People like that (yours truly is a good example) must be aware that there's a fine line separating freedom and selfishness. People who are in a relationship are forced to learn how to share and sacrifice. It is a difficult process no doubt because we all bring our individual selfishness into a relationship. But in going through this laboriously painful process, one learns that pain itself can only be lessened by diminishing one's selfishness.

Single people have to learn the lessons of selfishness in other ways. If they comprehend how the mind and soul works, they will consciously learn how to dissolve selfishness before the gravity of ego collapses to the point of no-return.

The Buddhist Lovingkindness Meditation is a very good way to dissipate selfishness--it reverses the inward-looking tendency of the ego and transforms a person into a luminous soul that vibrates with altruist love.

Our popular culture likes to look at romantic love as something wonderful and virtuous but we must also realize that the love between lovers is always tainted with selfishness. It is the tug-and-pull between two selfishly possessive souls that cause all the ups-and-downs in a typical romantic relationship.

But still, learning how to love someone, albeit selfishly at first, is a good starting point towards Altruistic Love. God's love is altruistic. Only by suffering the pain that selfishness brings, one learns how to relinquish one's ego and allow the soul to vibrate at its natural frequency--the frequency of Altruistic Love, the love the emanates from God Himself.

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